Friday, April 30, 2010

Eff The Nukes, What Happened To My Freakin' Internet?

The next serious shit conflict involving superpowers (i.e., China vs The United States) may never involve nukes at all, nor vacuum bombs or other trigger happy forms of intercontinental ballistic mayhem but may be played out over the internet, testing internet defenses, shutting down utility grids, flooding nodes with DDS attacks, pre-set zombie attacks from within terminals, PCs and mobile devices, I think we're all getting the drift here, aren't we, thought so. Folk hero, security defense expert and 9/11 whistle blower Richard Clarke lays it out in his new book Cyber War, snatch a copy on Amazon, either hard copy or Kindle (hey, if you got the Kindle App for PC,Mac, iPhone, iPad, you could be reading it right now).

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