Friday, April 30, 2010

Courier goes up in a puff of smoke

HuffPost has heard from H-P that Microsoft's Courier project is deader than a stinking lifeless mackerel carcass that only a feral cat would be interested in picking over. I love cats, so of course I'm gonna' pick over this story. Even back at Rabid Fanboy, I always suspected this project was more vaporware animation than a working gizmo, yet if one watches this animated demo, it looks like an awful shame that Microsoft and H-P didn't pull this off. This looks like a more creative and work friendly iPad, suitable for working professionals and students. Hell, if I was going to college, I wouldn't mind using this.

That's probably what killed this project, that and H-P just dropping a billion and a half on acquiring Palm so it can chase the dream of being in the hand-held mobile device market. Apple saw the tablet as a fun accessory to your life and made it so. The Courier project looks cool but it looks like a tool you use at work or school, and gosh knows, we have more'n'enuff tools in those places. I likes the iPad but I don't see it as a creative tool. Yet. Microsoft and H-P will probably sit and wait and see how well the Chrome OS netbooks and tablets available at end of this year.

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